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CKMJ Greenovation Inc.

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Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Quezon City, Philippines


CKMJ Greenovation Inc. is engaged in the importation Wholesale, Retail and Distribution of quality and innovative brands and products in the Baby and Maternity market. Our company is created by a dedicated team of professionals who after personally experiencing the numerous gaps in the baby industry, decided to pull their resources together to offer solutions to the market. We believe in becoming pioneers in the brands we are and will be carrying, at the same time ensuring that these brands also share the same belief that everything returns back to nature. CKMJ Greenovation Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Organic Baby Wipes, Little Green, Babyhood, Funnylon Playmats, Mombella, Attipas functional Toddler shoes, Horigen Breast Pumps and Accessories, Ebelbo, Baby Pretty, Kidsplay, Gleecare, Greenflame Griller and Converse retail franchisee CKMJ Greenovation Inc. encourages all its employees to be involved in every stage, from product presentation to customer selection to delivery, offering continuous support to its clients. Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of operation, including client needs and requirements. Our sales people are well versed in establishing and maintaining business partnerships. We pride ourselves in consistently providing our customers with quality, professional service & innovative products that share our advocacy of bring everything back to nature.

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